The South… Fighting Terrorism Alone!

Saleh Alabd Al-Kuhaily

Saleh Alabd Al-Kuhaily

Southern Writer
The wicked mind of terrorism tries to actuate his ideas through blood, bullets, TNT and C4. For years, the south suffered from devastating waves of terrorism that killed innocent children, women and men. Terrorism doesn’t distinguish between a military and a civilian. It even reached elderly care houses and mosques. Southern citizens fight, on behalf of the whole world, this criminal thought with all what they can use. They sacrificed their soles to vanquish this terrorist thinking. In return, we don’t see international support for fighting terrorism. We don’t even know why the whole world left us alone to face this monster. Only the Arab Coalition supports us in our fight against terrorism and coup forces as well while the whole world remained in the spectators’ seats without any kind of media, military or financial support. For how long should we fight while USA, France, Russia, UK, China, Germany and the rest of the world are only watching? Security belt forces, Elites forces and anti-terrorism forces need special training and special weapons to fight terrorism. They did what they did and achieved their victories with the simplest means they could have. But this is not enough. Even numbers of these troops are not enough. Intel efforts are random without any modern equipment and this is why these troops could not stop all crimes before it actually happens. The Arab Coalition is fighting with one hand and reconstructing with the other. Should Saudi Arabia and UAE alone assume the responsibility of supporting these troops while the rest of the world watching? These troops deserve support, and this support should come from the whole world.

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