The South is a victorious homeland, not to the Houthi empowerment bets!!

Written by: Eyad Ghanem
Today, things have become clear even to those who yesterday were opponents of the aspirations of the people of the South to restore the state.
Everyone has reached the conviction that only those who want to empower the Houthis from the south will stand against the aspirations of the people of the south to restore their state, and these stars in the sky are closer to them than that. The people who have been struggling and struggling since after the war of invasion of the south in 1994, passing through all stages of the southern national struggle, will not compromise or accept less than the project for which tens of thousands of martyrs sacrificed.

All the bets and plans that the forces hostile to the southern project are trying to make will fall due to the will of determination and steadfastness in the covenant to move towards achieving the goal, regardless of the sacrifices. The people have acknowledged either victory to live in pride, otherwise martyrdom is the goal of every free person.
Everyone is baring their fangs, everyone is waiting for the opportunity, and some are applying double standards to the point that the people are practicing the most horrific hateful policies against them by forces imposed by agreements and consultations in order to bring about reforms and improve services, but they abandoned doing their duty and devoted themselves to pursuing vengeful policies until they led us to this situation.

Completing the liberation of the south is a right that cannot be waived, forfeited, or compromised. The people will follow the leadership, represented by President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Southern Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, as the commander authorized and covenanted by the people to carry the national project of the revolution to reach the goal.

Victory is inevitably coming, and the policies of the terrorist gangs, the mafia and the occupation thieves, which are constantly opportunistic and aiming to target the popular incubator for the transition, will not succeed or be subject to or undermine that firm will and steely resolve as much as they charge it to awaken it to be fully prepared, and subject to the signal of its leadership awaiting the zero hour to join the southern armed forces to impose reality that meets the aspirations of the people and the level of great sacrifices made to achieve it.

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