The South is Coming with International Blessings

Ezz El-Din Al-Shuaiby

Southern writer
Talking about recent events in Adan, the message delivered by the southern resistance in Adan on January 28th, 2018, in escalation against Ben Daghar’s government, and its military control over Adan in a few hours, was received well and dismissed all doubt, in spite of its high cost. Hady was determined to eliminate the southern resistance and those who support it although he was advised to contain the resistance through talks according to the political reality. But he remained arrogant and therefore, he was shocked by what happened. Hady is still holding to his arrogance, fed by leaders of the Reform Party. This view will lead him to the same end of Saleh’s political life if he doesn’t reconsider. What is more shocking to Hady is the fact that the world accepts forceful control, no matter its political consequences are, as he watches carefully every detail.
Some observers, activists, media men and politicians are talking about the southern resistance’ failure in escalation against Ben Daghar’s government as it hit the solid rock of Saudi Arabia that prevented the continuation of its objectives. This what happened in fact but not as it was said. A strategic message needed to be delivered to notify the world that the southern resistance and southern people are working for the southern cause towards independence and they exist powerfully on the ground. It was known that Saudi Arabia will interfere in the last minute and the southern resistance will not go farther than what it already achieved so as not to create another conflict with Saudi Arabia. The resistance refused to bear the responsibility of a national organization vacuum that will make it stuck with the people in a preliminary stage without any support for such step from the international society or the gulf states. These escalation steps require coordinating diplomatic relations with other states to gain official recognition of the southern state. Both the southern transitional council and the southern resistance were very rational as they recognized the risks of a war that may destroy what remained in the south and everyone who goes to this war will come out of it as loser. They recognized their patriotic responsibility towards the southern people under such very poor economic conditions. The message was success and rational situation was also success. Now comes the time for political effort to open political talks channels and to establish a solid base for political and diplomatic negotiations with neighboring states and the world powers in addition to domestic powers. This will comfort all national and international powers that efforts of restoring the southern state are exercised through organizational and well-planned work and through recognizing joint interests with all involved parties. We should comfort the world that we respect international laws and conventions and we are on our way to establish a state that respects law and diverse coexistence of diverse religions and political views. Our message was delivered successfully and was welcomed by various international active powers. Soon, we will see a southern state that fulfills the southern people’s expectations for freedom and independence.

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