The South is not for bargaining

Written By\ Dr. Abdel Nasser Al-Wali
May peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you. Peace for Gaza.
With peace first, and the South is not for bargaining.

These days, the echo of peace is echoing in Yemen, in the South and in the North, and no sane person can not be optimistic about peace, strive for it, and participate in making it if possible by all means.

But there are those who, consciously or unconsciously, confuse our welcome with our pursuit of peace and our adherence to the right of the people of the South to their independent, fully sovereign state with Aden as its capital.

We firmly believe that the return of a fully sovereign, independent and free state of the South will achieve security and stability and a gateway to development for the peoples of the South and North, the region and the world. It promotes social tranquility and peace, ensures the spirit of harmony and reconciliation, and preserves the economic interests of the two peoples in a sustainable manner.

Any idea or vision cannot be imposed by force, money, influence or authority unless it is accepted by the people on the ground. The idea of unity is no longer acceptable at all, and all experiments and attempts to re-impose it have failed (the document of covenant and agreement, the 1994 war, the Movenpick dialogue, the 2015 war, and everything in between), and the result was all this destruction, devastation, martyrs, wounded, widows, bereaved, and orphans.

Genuine national reconciliation in the North, completing the process of political and social reconciliation in the South, and two neighboring countries coexisting peacefully in which people’s rights and personal and national interests are preserved, in my point of view, are the only idea or vision that is acceptable and applicable and guarantees the interests and rights of everyone.

Whoever still believes that he can arbitrarily manipulate history, geography, and reality is delusional and wrong, and does not care about the interests of the two peoples in the North and South.
A wise, patriotic, calm, purposeful vision that is above selfish interests and human whims and free of personal desires and arrogance is the key to success and the best way to stop the war and end the conflict. Accepting a return to the normal situation before May 90 is the beginning that can guarantee continuity and stability.

Peace does not mean in any way surrender or submission. The peace of the brave is required and welcomed, and everything that comes after it is only the people of the South who are the only ones authorized to accept or reject it, and it is also the right of the people in the North. Neither we nor any creature in the world can impose on the people of the South any choice that they do not accept. Many have tried before, and here we are where we are.

Yes to peace and stopping the war. The right of the people of the South is a right, and there is no one above it except Allah (the God), and we will not submit to anyone but the almighty Allah.
My regards.

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