The South Wins, The Legitimacy Loses and Al-Houthis Restore Their Hashemite State

Talat Najeeb Al-Miouny

Talat Najeeb Al-Miouny

Southern Writer
In the south, the soil is fully cleared from Al-Houthi aggressors after a fierce war where the southern people fought courageously, and the flag of the south was high again over our beloved lands. Now it is over, except for some desperate terrorist acts that came once and a while and its responsibility is assumed by extremists supports by the major loser whose loses are great because the southern people are now controlling their lands. This loser is the Reform Party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood, and other northern leaders the most prominent among them is Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar. They lost their influence and suspicious interests in the south after 2015 war. And now, they don’t want the south to enjoy security, stability and peace as if what they robbed from the south for 24 years was not enough for them. in the north, nothing changed, except for the death of Affash by the hands of “Northern” Al-Houthis, and their control over authority and power in the north.
What is happening in the north is natural for Al-Houthis and their supports. They consider it as restoration to their robbed rights as Hashemites, in addition to another 200 families claiming they are descendants of Prophet Mohamed, after the coup against the regimen of Imam Mohamed Al-Badr Hameed Al-Din in 1962, when Marshal Abdullah Al-Sallal declared the republic and the end of the Yemeni Hashemite Mutawakelli Kingdom. Tribes and people of the north support Al-Houthis by ideology, colt and territory. They are the host of Al-Houthis who provide the militias with warriors of all age groups, and this explains their survival in the face of the so-called legitimacy and Saleh’s supporters.
The southern people defended their lands by ideology, colt and territory during 2015 war. They were united behind their troops and shortly they won their war against the invaders of the north with support of the Arab Coalition. It is the same thing for Al-Houthis. When a group fights under a solid concept it can never be defeated. Despite my differences with Al-Houthis, let’s call things by its true names.
In my opinion, Al-Houthis will rule the north because it is their lands and most people and tribes in the north support them and will never fight them. Neighboring countries will negotiate a settlement with Al-Houthis as a De Facto Authority and Al-Houthis will accept that settlement to restore their way of life. On the other hand, the southern people will remain in control of their lands that were restored after a long history of struggle and sacrifices while the gang of 7/7 and mercenaries of Muslim Brotherhood will will enter a new chapter of diaspora, just like hyenas that live on the remains of lions’ hunts.
The so-called legitimacy and Muslim Brotherhood realized that there is no military victory in the horizon over Al-Houthis and the Yemeni conflict will be resolved only by political means, especially after the southern people took control over their lands and formed the southern transitional council to claim their state back. Realizing that, they turned all their guns and media tools against the south in a clear and mean war just to stop the south from restoring its state and fail all efforts of the southern transitional council to reestablish this state. They are seeking to secure their interests in south under the illusion of achieving victory over the south although they failed to do so over Al-Houthis in the north.
The gang of 7/7 should realize that the south today is not like the south before. The south expelled you for good and our lands were purified from your filth, you and your killed leader Affash.

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