The Southern Cause and the “Internationalization Complex”!

Anis Al-Sharafy

Southern Writer
All northern powers, with all their different trends, agree upon not to internationalize the southern cause and to marginalize it as a minor issue, although it is the only core issue or even the mother of all Yemeni issues. It is the beginning of the conflict and the base of its solution.
They kept insisting on their own interests and led the country to successive problems. Not only that, but also, they keep blocking any efforts for solution or even allowing the south to attend as a major party of negotiations.
They kept it in the dark since 2011 through plays of change revolution and national dialogue through which they hoped to pass solution projects that limit the reality of the southern cause.
These plays forced the regional and international societies to deal with it positively under the notion of giving these powers the opportunity to change its policies towards the south. But every chance granted by the international society is only faced with more tyranny against the south.
The regional and international societies tried to save the Yemeni regimen several times. The first time came with the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanisms that ignored the southern cause.
This was followed by three international envoys while the international society kept ignoring the southern cause. All testaments of UN envoys to UN Security Council avoided mentioning the southern cause, except for some ambiguous hints without details.
UN Security Council Decisions didn’t refer to the southern cause except for decision no. 2140 that invited the southern peaceful movement to participate in the political process without defining the nature of this participation.
With all these generous chances from the international society, northern influential powers thought that they can bury the southern cause under the play of national dialogue and its outcomes that were designed to keep authority sharing and robbery of southern fortunes as they are. They thought they can trick the southern people through conceptualizing the southern cause as an issue of power sharing, not a cause of a homeland and identity.
But their vicious intent turned against them and they barely dragged the whole Yemen to Iranian trap. Thank God and with efforts of our brothers, the “Storm of Determination” was launched and without its, Yemen might be now out of the Arab World.
Post-war facts and reformulation of power balance clearly confirmed that the south is the most active and most prominent partner of the Arab Coalition on the ground. With its military power, represented in the southern resistance troops, and political leadership, represented in the southern transitional council, the south became a hard number in the equation that can never be ignored.
Therefore, and according to the UN envoy’s plan, to be submitted during the next two days to UN Security Council, we should impose the following questions:
Will both parties of the Yemeni regiment, legitimacy and coup, keep being stubborn refusing to represent the south with a delegation agreed upon by the southern street? Or will they try to falsify a representation through including those who they grant their loyalty to pass their agendas that limit the south and that are completely refused by the southern people?
Only Saudi Arabia can impose pressure over the legitimacy in that. Will Saudi Arabia do so and stop the absurd acts of power hijacking the legitimacy against its major partner on the ground? Or will Saudi Arabia let the liberated south to return to chaos through ignoring the southern voice and will, in spite of all their sacrifices with the Arab Coalition and what they achieved, under its command, of victories that surpassed the southern borders into the depth of northern territories? Will Saudi Arabia remain the umbrella that hosts the agendas of these powers that pretend to be legitimate in spite of their denial of the Saudi role and support? They were a burden over Saudi shoulders in this war and now they represent a major threat with their destructive projects that stems from regional agendas hostile to the Arab Coalition states.
Regardless of the trends towards involving the south in negotiations, southern reality confirms that it is no longer weak so that Sanaa’s powers can manipulate its fate, falsify its will or fabricate its representation, just as they kept doing for 24 years, since 1994 occupation, passing through Swiss and Kuwaiti negotiations and reaching this current crisis.
The south has matured. Now, it has claws and fangs. Now, it has a political leadership publicly delegated. The south will never allow these funny plays to ignore its cause of limit its will.

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