The Southern State in the Eyes of International Law

 Ali Haitham Al-Ghareeb

Ali Haitham Al-Ghareeb

Introduction and Preliminary Thoughts
Since 1994 war, South Yemen underwent two legal trials, in 1194 and in ‎‎2015, and at least four stages to restore the occupied state. But changes in ‎international politics hindered these efforts although the Arab Region stood ‎with South Yemen in the war against Al-Houthi and Saleh’s militias. The legal ‎framework of this issue is an actual application of self-determination principle ‎that has become an obligatory international legal rule. ‎
Nevertheless, some “veto” countries and other members of the UN-‎Security Council makes fun of international laws for its own interest. And if ‎they cannot do so sue to interrelated interests, they seek to annul these laws ‎and replace with special decrees of the security council to enable them to ‎deceive conquered nations. ‎
The purpose of this legal memorandum is to concentrate on international ‎law principles that previously helped the south to regain its independence from ‎UK (1963-1967) and reaching the current legal situation embodied in UN ‎secretary general Ban Ki Mon’s invitation to the Southern Movement to attend ‎and participate in Geneva 1. In addition, we will analyze efforts of the (10) ‎Gulf States fostering Yemen National Talks as representatives of these ‎countries arrived at Adan in February 2014 to convince leaders of the ‎Southern Movement to participate in Yemen National Talks with a fair share ‎of 50% of negotiators giving the south (8) seats and the north (8) seats too. ‎This particular step led our southern cause to the doors of UN. ‎
Accordingly, this legal memorandum is divided into four stages: Stage ‎one: Historical/Legal background of the Southern Cause – Stage Two: Setback ‎of The Union and Second Trial for Restoring the Southern State – Stage Three: ‎War Against Northern Invasion – Stage Four: The Dream of Independent ‎Federal State. For the next four parts of this article we will deal with each stage ‎in details. ‎


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