The Southern Transitional Council and the Current Stage

Saad Nagy Ahmed
Saad Nagy Ahmed

In Aden, the historic capital of the south, the southern transitional council was born in May 2017 with blessings of rejoicing citizens who assured that this is a great victory for the south and its rightful cause. This achievement disturbed some powers that tried, and are still trying, to make the council fail in its trends and objectives. Some international third parties related to “Muslim Brotherhood” tried to recruit disturbance makers to hinder the council from achieving its goals. But wise leadership of the council managed to overcome these pathetic events.
The southern transitional council was created and supported by the people of the south to be the security lock for the south, a basic and vital member of the Arab Ally and the only legitimate representative of the southern people and their rightful cause all over the world. The council is working according to diplomatic traditions, local and international changes and patriotic principles to serve the people without neglecting any right.
I’m fully confident that the council can handle its major responsibilities under these complicated circumstances that necessitate conductance and considerations for any remarks or criticism to deal with all issues wisely and patiently. Therefore, the council need to activate its presence in all governorates and directorates through active patriotic members who are capable of bearing the responsibility under these circumstances.
Each stage has its conditions and priorities. And this transitional stage requires will, patience and wisdom to make use of every available resource to establish the southern state. We should not expect results hastily. Instead, we should consider restoring the state through its citizens. It is time for thinking, planning and making use of realities of the past and present to build our desired future.

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