The Southern Transitional Council and the Political Battel

Dr. Fadl Al-Rabiey

Southern writter

The southern cause created the southern transitional council, which in fact is a qualitative accumulation of the southern political process so that the southern cause stops being vulnerable to manipulation of those who disrespect southern sacrifices. We know well that Yemeni political powers and Sanaa regimen worked on denying the south the privilege of a unified political body so they they remain in control over the south and marginalize its cause. All these powers used the south politically for its own interest. May be the multiple bodies of the southern movement was the major reason enabling these powers to manipulate the southern cause through lobbying some of southern leaders. This is why all parties claimed that the southern movement is represented with them. the southern card was winner for all northern political powers and they used it in all their political conflicts. This created the idea of the southern transitional council with its clear goals, unified political speech and efforts to create its official organizations with all its patriotic dimensions and strategic trends. This denied northern powers, and the government, the privilege of abusing the southern cause. The choice of the name itself was surprising as it indicated that it is a unified patriotic leadership framework that is hard to clone or penetrate, like what happened before with other political parties in the south. The council set a clear objective to preserve victories and sacrifices of martyrs in addition to representing the southern cause in any upcoming regional or international talks, away from the absurd acts of the legitimacy or any other Yemeni political power.

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