The Southern Transitional Council … Peaceful Calls for a Nobel Purpose

Jawhara Al-Kuaity

Jawhara Al-Kuaity

Southern Writer
Declaration of the state and achieving independence after liberation war will only come through negotiations between the north and south, fostered by the international society, under the seventh chapter. To reach the negotiation table, a road map should be established. This is what anyone, who reads the situation nationally and internationally, can see clearly. The southern transitional council established his road map to reach the negotiations table peacefully, starting with the overthrowing of this corrupt government and pushing towards direct negotiations with the internationally recognized legitimacy represented in President Abd Rabu Mansour Hady to form a national government, technocratic government or whatever comes, according to the outcomes of negotiations and away from authority shares of political parties that were defeated in the south and its only role may be robbing the people’s resources and creating conflicts among the southern citizens. Considering the international pressures towards stabilizing the region peacefully, the only thing the south needs is to form a new government with the agreement of the legitimacy, with its power to issue decisions, and the southern transitional council and southern resistance leaders. This is the only thing that can drag the liberated territories from this mass punishment and providing citizens with their rights as citizens. This will fulfill their mass will in gaining their rights that they fought for and payed its price of their sons’ blood and their patience and suffering. This step paves the road towards and international recognition of the fair cause of the south and towards a negotiation table between the north and south that will eventually lead to an independent state of the south.
The southern transitional council started with practical well-developed steps according to a road map. The council prepared every single tool necessary for initiating this road map and here we see its effectiveness in the public meetings held all over the south to assert the public participation in January 29th, 2018 event, in response to the council’s call. All these events are peaceful ones. We didn’t see a single event that calls for war. We trust the southern transitional council and the southern resistance who promised to keep the events peaceful and to achieve the goal of the southern people through peaceful solutions and negotiations.

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