The stolen rights

Written by\ Saleh Abu Awdal
Like any citizen, I followed your procedures as you returned a looted house to its owner in the Mansoura district of the capital, Aden.
As we appreciate these brave steps in empowering the rightful owners of their rights, Abu Awdal said: But we hope that your great security role will be strengthened in obligating the Yemeni Hayel Saeed Anam Group, which acquired real estate belonging to a southern citizen of the capital, Aden, “Al-Mualla neighborhood”, which plundered three “pieces of land.” Residential lands each plot (20 x 20)
He added: I have all the documents that prove that his real estate was robbed by Rashad Hayel Saeed Anam, and there are directives and letters pleading with the commercial group not to grant him his right, but to compensate him for his stolen rights that were acquired with the power of influence the Yemeni authority
Saleh Abu Awdal concluded his tweet: I hope to see a move to compel Rashad Hayel Saeed Anam, to empower the citizen with his rights, just like enabling others from their homes, so that our confidence in you is strengthened as a brave security official who does not care about whoever dealing with, emphasizing that I have all the papers and documents that confirm that the complainant has looted rights claiming compensation only.

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