This Is Why Our Bet is on the Transitional Council

Afrah Kassem

Southern Human Rights Activist
Some of us talk about how underdeveloped the north is while our south is sinking in it. They discuss the north-financed terrorism while terrorist and extreme thoughts are implanted in our houses and mosques. They attack barbaric militias that kidnapped the state and religion in the north as if the south is governed by academics!! In what south do we live? Our foreheads lost the light of true prayer and our faith abandoned our hearts. We live in a south where a generation that is hardly can read is staining honorable persons with treason… where lands, money and weapons are taken by those who are killing the sole of the south. We live in a south that is exhausted, ignorant, dismantled and ready to sink in the swamps of violence, extremism and chaos. This is not the south we want. This what they wanted and planned for. And this is why we should support the southern transitional council that carries our southern project. Our choice is to establish a modern state on the basis of science and away from recycling ignorance wastes. This is the south we want.

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