To not make the South pays high price

Written by: Saleh Shaef Hussain
Concern always prompts us to alert many things, according to our humble reading of the manifestations of the scene and all its aspects, and from a keen patriotic standpoint, away from any other motives, and we repeat that day again, as a reminder and to sharpen the determination of all those who are loyal to the cause of their people and their country; We sincerely call here to raise the degree of comprehensive historical vigilance to the level of the risks and challenges ahead.
The enemies of the South and its opponents are many; And they have multiple tools and means to penetrate the walls and castles of the southern national cause, in multiple ways.
Unfortunately, they have hands to open closed doors; They also have eyes that see in the dark; ears that hear a whisper; tongues speak deceit; deceitful and hypocritical pens; And a gun that kills on demand, when necessary and at the right time.
Those who do not take matters completely seriously and with great firmness, they lack the necessary immunity and weaken the ranks of the multi-form resistance on the fronts of the comprehensive confrontation and from where they do not know; The south and its people will pay a high price, which should not be allowed to happen under any circumstances.
There is still ample time to realize matters, fill the gaps, and close the windows and crossing paths that the enemies of the South use to reach their goals.

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