Treachery of September 4

Written by/ Saleh Abu Awdal
The treachery of September 4 in eight years ago, the treachery that the Arab coalition forces were exposed to, by the Yemeni Brotherhood, which is stationed in the Yemeni governorate of Marib.
The UAE Armed Forces, the active partner in the Arab coalition, which contributed and participated in liberating 82 % of the area of the so-called “Republic of Yemen”– the entire cities of the south, and the entire Marib Governorate in Yemen.
It still remains in the memory in which we recall the facts of eight years of betrayals by a terrorist group that captured the sovereign decision in the country, and its neighbor in the interest of Iran and its arms, and the map of the military and political scene today in Yemen is only compelling evidence of the sincerity of what we say.
The UAE regained control of the Marib Dam, defended the capital of the Kingdom of Sheba and pushed the Houthis to the northern and eastern borders of Sanaa, but what happened yet.
The Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen handed over Saudi Arabia’s weapons to the Houthis in Nahham, Al -Jawf and Sarwah, and Marib was not protected from the Houthi control, except by Saudi and Emirati aviation, otherwise the center of the governorate would be in the grip of Iranian arms.

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