UAE is our true and loyal ally

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), is our true and loyal ally, we say this openly and proudly, and we will seek to create more alliances to support our national cause and our right to restore our state.
A true ally since the era of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, when our country was subjected to the Yemeni aggression in the summer of 1994, our Sunni Muslim people were subjected to infidelity, brutal killing, and displacement with false religious slogans. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan represented the strong and courageous Arab position, rejecting that aggressive war, rejecting For false religious fatwas.
You can read the memoirs of the late Abdullah bin Hussein Al-Ahmar, one of the most prominent faces of the aggressive war on our country.
Today we have clarity in our alliances and in our national projects, and we have the ability to achieve those goals.
Insulting Abu Dhabi or any sister country is only issued by cheap tools that sold themselves at a low price, and in the end they will become burned papers thrown on the tables of popular cafes, and the examples are many.

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