UAE of support and goodness for the South, Arabs and Muslims

Written by\ Mazen Ala’a
The UAE’s intervention in 2015 came in response to the humanitarian appeal launched by the people of the south, which was answered by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed. His Highness granted the resistance by supplying weapons and food relief by air and sea. This is not strange to the Zayeds, as they provide support to every people who ask them for help and support. They were provided by trained and qualified people from the UAE army and those with high ranks, and they sent them to Aden to support their brothers and stand with them, and the support and supplies did not stop from 2015 until the present time. It is true that the military intervention stopped after the war stopped, but the moral and material support is still continuing, and the UAE’s giving includes the entire world.
After his demise, Sheikh Zayed’s sons have built a state with sovereignty that receives respect.

The UAE did not intervene to take land, a city, or an island, as others claim, because it has everything. It has islands, it has a desert, it has everything. It is a self-sufficient country. It does not need anything from any other country with its intervention and support. The UAE is the emirates of giving, not the emirates of plunder and plunder. .

The UAE sets an example that it is one of the best countries in the world in its care for people of determination. People of disabilities. The UAE does not only support them, it sanctifies and glorifies them. The UAE draws the world’s attention towards it by dealing with people of determination with efficiency and high accuracy. Because of the UAE’s high position in the world, many people of all European nationalities flock to it to live. With it, it is a complete country.

Thank you, Mohammed bin Zayed. Thank you, Mohammed bin Zayed. Thank you, from heart to heart. Thank you for showing the United Arab Emirates in the best images, best face, and representation. The Arabs are the Emirates, the Emirates are the Arabs. Thank you, Mohamed bin Zayed. Thank you Al-Zayed.

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