We repeat and repeat hold on to the Transitional Council

By\Yasser Al Yafei

I repeat and repeat, stick to the Transitional Council, do not believe those who say that what is happening in Aden the capital is because of the Transitional Council, the catastrophic economic situation pervades all liberated and non-liberated governorates, and its treatment requires presence of a strong state and a government capable of developing solutions.

Insecurity and chaos are deliberate to cause confusion in the scene, and there are efforts to demolish everything that was built during the six years.

For a reminder, just Aden, they plunged it into chaos from the moment the government returned to it in 2015. The palace incident and the events that followed it are the best evidence.

In gangs, in robbery, in thieves, in extortionists, yes, they exist, and we criticize them day and night, but these things are a natural result of the absence of a constitution, a system and a law for people to control, and it happened in many countries, and there are similar experiences to what is happening in Aden that occurred in other countries, but it was addressed and the judiciary it will have to prosecute all those responsible, and this will not happen unless there is a system, law, and a state that people control.

The circle in which the Southern Transitional Council plays militarily and politically is very large and within regional and international interactions, and achieving victory in it means eliminating all these fabricated and deliberate negatives to thwart the issue of the south and the return of the forces of influence, corruption and failure to dominate the people’s capabilities.

Attempting to falsify people’s awareness under the pretexts of what is happening in Aden of chaos is unacceptable, and it comes within the scheme to eliminate the Southern Transitional Council and its forces, but in an encapsulated way of talking about chaos, security disorder and the economic situation.

If the Transitional Council decides to engage in confrontation with these thugs, it will enter into complete chaos that weakens our forces and our external political position at a very critical time, we all know that these gangs have been stripped of their patriotism and their goal is to achieve their interests, even at the expense of the people’s cause, and there is nothing to prevent them from fighting and shedding blood so that their interests can continue.

Therefore, we need patience and positive criticism that builds and does not destroy, even if it is a sharp criticism.

Realizing that the economic situation is catastrophic and hunger is an infidel that will make you disbelieve in your basic beliefs, how can you support a political entity or a political stance?


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