Wealth or death .. A slogan of ongoing war against the South

 By \Rasha Farid
SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital

When we mention the people of the south, we must raise our hats to them. people who have suffered and are still suffering calamities but still adhere to their cause and their homeland. They deserve to be in the ranks of the developed countries. People who have suffered and are still suffering from conspiracies and threats.. The conspiracy has many aspects, we list some of which in this article:

Poverty, ignorance, and demographic change

The wheel of development has stopped completely since the invasion of against southern lands in 1994.. All aspects of the civil state were removed in implementation of Afash’s (Ali Abdullah Saleh) promise to make Aden as a village.. Aden, the capital of the South, whose history is full of greatness. The dead Afash wanted to make it a village!  He reached a level of including in the elementary school book a lesson in the Arabic language subject entitled (Aden is my village)..Even the traffic lights in the main streets were not spared their hatred.. The government institutions that were selling basic food commodities and state-supported infant milk were closed, and he was not ashamed of that.  Rather, he and his clique were shamelessly mocking the southerners as they stand up in queues to buy from corporations, he was the one who deprived them of the advantages that it was afforded to them, and even of their salaries.  The number of arrivals from the north exceeds the number of the original inhabitants of Aden.. Many cities have already been created and the plan has not been fully realized, but they succeeded in it to some extent.. The rapid pace of the delegations of many families, claiming displacement, is a continuation of this stinking plan.

Not only that, ignorance and obscuring were features of the stage, and the deliberate impoverishment of southerners and their deprivation of jobs were reasons for the expatriation of many of them to neighboring countries and the displacement of many southern minds to Europe, America and others.

The slogan of unity or death meant wealth or death. The first thing the occupation did when it invaded Hadramout was to search for the house of the Minister of Oil, Bin Husaynoon, who kept the maps of oil wells, which were shared by the brothers as spoils of war to the extent that a woman from Hashid tribe owns an oil well in Hadramout.  Not only that, but the occupiers went too far to discourage the agricultural field and obstruct the facilities that farmers enjoyed during the era of the southern state to sell most of the agricultural lands to the hateful immigrants who turned them into homes to live in instead of cultivating them.. We all have heard that the Red (AL-AHMAR) War General owns lands in Lahj and Abyan.  Its area is equivalent to the territory of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The south also contains many riches, such as gold and mineral mines, and the huge fish wealth that the south enjoys due to its special geographical location.

service war

The deterioration of services in terms of electricity, water, medicine, education and others was a feature of the period that followed the year 1994, when the occupier worked hard to make Aden poor in all aspects, and its tails are still fighting the southerners in the same way, using a policy of collective punishment against the citizens.

Continuous mobilization on the southern borders

Those groups that have lost their interests in the south are still striving to return to Aden and re-occupy the south, and it is not hidden from everyone that they mobilized on the borders of Al-Sabiha, Abyan, Al-Dhale’ and Yafe’ .. But their efforts will not succeed, Allah willing, and will end in failure .. Recently the southern issue began to return to the scene to be imposed by the people  The south is imposing with its steadfastness, struggle and sacrifices.  The land will return to its owners, and the homeland will return to its sons.

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