What Do They Want from the South?

Ahmed Omar Ben Faird

It is very natural that “Normal Human” wakes up when he passes a cruel situation and learns from his mistakes to avoid them in the future. He should know real causes of his problems and avoids them. But it is very unnatural to make the same mistake twice and even takes the same path for the third time hoping not to reach the same result again!!! It is once said that the same beginnings lead to the same ends.
It is also very unnatural to find a man trying to advocate his point of view that proved wrong several times. He tries to find reasons to convince himself first then to convince others that the road will end in a different destination. Doing so is completely illogical. And this is the case of “minority” of southern figures who, foolishly, decide to confront their southern brothers!! The majority of southern fellows know that we all passed through bitterness of union and paid its heavy price from our bloods and soles. So, what is the use of walking the same path twice under different slogans like “the federal state” or any other project?!!
To those who are under “heavy hypnosis”, I’ll present two very similar scenes, hoping that they may awake:
The first scene took place in a hot summer day of 1994 after a fierce war forced by Sanaa on the south and called then the 1000-hours war. Former president Ali Salem Al-Beed found himself forced to head to Oman to escape his life with a few loyal fellows after being betrayed by “Northern Brothers”. Other southern leadrs, including former vice president Abd El-Rahman Al-Gafary, were forced out of Yemen by the sea for Djibouti after Sanaa troops fully invaded Adan.
The second scene took place in a moonless night of March 2015, more than two decades after the first scene, when president Abd Rabu Mansour Hady found himself and a few of his loyal fellows heading the same way to Oman and for the very same reasons!!!
These two scenes clearly and definitely indicate that “Zaidi Culture” can never accept any place other than assuming full authority alone, regardless the form of this culture ; with a civilian suit like Saleh, a military suit like Ali Mohasen Al-Ahmer or in a traditional costume alike Sheikh Al-Ahmar and his sons!! This is the situation if this culture uses the “Republic” umbrella or the “turban” of the Shiit References with a totally different sectarian project. The only thing that matters is being in full authority.
These two scenes teach the stone, not only humans. The same path leads to the same destination. This is the undeniable truth that only fools reject. It is the same culture that launched a merciless war against the south in 1994 because of the Covenant and Agreement that they thought at that time it might withdraw authority out of its sacred sanctum of Sanaa. It is the same culture that rejects the outcomes of the so-called Yemeni dialogue and the federal state project. Only a fool can think that Zaidi Sacred Authority of Sanaa can accept partnership with anyone.
Those who forgot the tragedies of recent past and decided to interfere heavily against the national southern project should stop using these illogical reasons. Those who called the southern revolution and the independence project a “sentimental expression” should know the difference between what happened in Catalonia and what is happening in the south. They should know that the situation is totally different here in the south from Catalonia or even Kurdistan. Geopolitical interests are the cornerstones of acknowledging or not acknowledging newly declared states. The west accepted the disintegration of all Eastern Europe States. They even acknowledged states declared in remote islands.
Those narrow-minded politicians are a clear case of not learning from history. The only acceptable reason for their illogical views is that they are serving their self-interests related to a specific period of time that can never last forever. Even self-interests can never remain imprisoned in delusional political projects. I advise them to revise their situation and stay away from delusions.
Collaborators with corruption did not stop at the doors of deliberately hindering the southern project. They even go farther by recruiting and buying some of ill-spirited southern to form an anti-media team against the southern patriotic principles. They kidnapped some of our southern fellows who sold their patriotic consciousness for money.
When you read some of the writings of those who stepped down gave up their values and patriotic notions you can only wonder: how can an intellect turn his patriotic cause into cheap merchandise to be sold only for self-interest? Can he accept this down state of mind? Or could money or authority be so seducing that a man can sell his sole for them? What makes them like puppets in the hands of a corrupt puppeteer?
To those I say: look again at your mirrors and think of what you are saying. Consider the serious consequences of what you are saying. Think again of those who will be victims of your illogical words and know well that your media campaign can never stop the southern marsh towards its rightful project.

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