What if !!!


Ali Ben Shanthour
Ali Ben Shanthour


What if Arab allied countries and the legitimate government of Yemen have a plan for restructuring? What if they expend money not on military munitions for this useless war in its third year but on real construction? What if conflicts among Arab brothers, especially Saudi Arabia and UAE with Yemen legitimate government and other Gulf states come to an end? What if a sustainable plan for development is put into action in Adan, Al-Makla and other parts of the south? what if electric power was sustained and state associations were reformed and restructured according the principles of law? What if the ally works on rebuilding what was destroyed in war? What if roads become better, ports and airports are developed, streets are cleaned? What if all citizens are punctual in their works according to rules and regulations? What if their salaries were payed monthly as usual? What if transparency, democracy and governance prevail? What if peace is kept under legitimate regimen? What if the models of success in the south are set as a road map for all parts? All these “what ifs” are hopes for better future. If these hopes become realities, I think the internal and external situations in Yemen will witness major fruitful changes. But according to disturbing conditions dominant now, we cannot balm those who are sceptic about the future. People only appreciate what they see on the ground not what they hear from media.

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