What Is the Southern Transitional Council Waiting For?

Abu Anas Ba Hattab

Southern colonel
When everything changes, time becomes the essence. Politics don’t recognize permanent conventions and success only comes with sacrifices. All of a sudden, the ousted became a former president, the enemy became a partner and Militias became presidential guards!! And tomorrow they will victor and seize Sanaa and will awake on being in the neck of the bottle. The international society only recognizes strength, courage and control. We will never have the south back on a golden plate. What is taken by force will only be regained by force. You are delegated by the southern people and after the formation of the southern national assembly, only one step remains to achieve the top and actualize our dream. Current changes require quick moves. It is time to declare the military council to include the southern army and brave resistance men who are totally devoted to our southern cause under the commandership of the southern transitional council. Now it is time to recall all dismissed southern military officers to secure our borders and our cities and control all vital facilities. Upcoming day will be full of surprises. So, don’t you dare to feel secure while your enemy is still at the gates. If you wait longer we will all fall down deeper and then nothing will change.

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