What we heard today from Al-Alimi we have not heard from any northern leader until today?!

Written by\ Ali Mansour Al-Walidi

What we heard today in the speech of Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, is a very advanced step that gives rise to satisfaction, especially since it is the first time we hear it from a senior northern leader since the war of invasion, invasion and occupation of the South and its unfortunate and painful consequences for the main southern partner and the one who has the first credit for creating this event (important national, regional and international) .. as he put it.

As described by Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi in his important annual political speech on this occasion, this evening, in which he frankly condemned those who continue the same Afash culture and repeat his slogan of (unity or death) who threaten and talk today with the use of force and mobilize again to invade and occupy the south, to impose this unity by force on the people of the south Who liberated all his lands from the domination and occupation of the owners of the (unity or death) project, in a clear reference from him to the northern regions that are dominated by Ansar Allah until today and have not provided any significant success in confronting Ansar Allah and their sectarian project that serves the enemies of the country and the region in general!

We highly value the noble humanitarian positions in hosting the people of the south for a number of millions of displaced northerners and their families.?!.

It was a courageous political speech par excellence and rational in hiding from a head of state that is still currently recognized regionally and internationally and represents the north and the south to this day.. understanding, assimilating and justifying the high ceiling of the southern demands and their fateful quest that they expressed through what the south witnessed and is witnessing these days of a broad political movement of harmony the complete, comprehensive and great southerner… as a result of what was imposed on them by the culture of annexation that has been practiced on them since the war of barbaric aggression against the land and people of the south by force in 1994, as he put it?!

In a clear northern sign of reproach from him.. calling on all the northern political, military, security, social and tribal forces to take the initiative to line up to confront the Ansar Allah project and to take the southern experience as a role model?!

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