When Patriotism Overrides Geography and Sovereignty

Mohamed Al-Horaiby
Mohamed Al-Horaiby

When patriotism overrides geography and sovereignty, it becomes more like repulsive subjection that does harm for homeland and citizens as well. Those who do so are mercenaries and countries run by men like them are more vulnerable to destruction the moment external interests are in conflict with internal ones. In addition, development is hampered greatly. This is the case of most countries under such circumstances, including Yemen. Central state is linked to external forces under conditioned and payed agreements. When Yemen entered the Unity project it could achieve positive benefits out of it only if patriotic will was ruling. Instead of two armies there would be one unified army that could be the first in the Arab world in addition to all economic and human capabilities that might put Yemen in its suitable place. But what actually happened was a suspicious link between a corrupt central government and foreign forces with nearly 70% of citizens depending on working abroad for their living. Central government was merely a tool for running the state under foreign terms and conditions. And after the 1994 unfair war to occupy the south, central government was fully under foreign control. Here we are talking about a central government run by political, religious and tribal entities. But after occupation of the south, the dream of one unified strong state vanished as the center was controlled from outside. When conflicts in the center started for political authority domination, external forces moved with it guts for the following reasons:

1.     Rearranging orders according to its agenda

2.     Weakening any internal resistance

3.     Weakening any military capabilities

4.     Dominating any resources that may lead to real development that may restore strength

This can never be achieved unless new tools for balancing the center are used to protect all achieved goals. We should all understand that if Yemen is to be on the correct road, the external control should be weaker. This may happen under problems that may face external parties or even the interference of a more powerful third party that of course may have his own terms but in this case, it would be less harmful than it is now.

Facts indicate that Yemen consists of two countries and the union project was obviously a failure. The optimum solution is to find out a new formula for unity, which is also obvious in two realms, the North and the South. But in the main time we should all understand that external will shall never allow a strong federal state with all economic and military capabilities of Federal Yemen. In addition, all resistance forces against external interference should find out a strong third party and to resolve deep conflicts to reassure Northern and Southern citizens about the future of Yemen.

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