Where were they when…?

Written by\ Salah bin Laghbar
The fundamental question that arises about the Islah Alliance statement is:
What did those people give to Hadhramaut one day?
Where were they when Al-Qaeda controlled Hadhramaut coast? and it was about to turn the entire governorate into an ISIS emirate
Who confronted it?
Did one of them appear on a battlefield?
Who carried the mission of liberating and then securing Hadhramaut, and trained, financed, participated, and built Hadrami security forces that were responsible for liberating and securing the governorate and its people until today?
Isn’t it the Emirates that provided everything and is still providing everything to the elite forces and regained Hadhramaut from the grip of terrorism?
Ask them: What did they do and where were they at the time????
Then, if the UAE had not intervened and provided everything it offered, would Hadhramaut have been liberated and secured??

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