Whispers of the Pen: 14th October…‎

Dr. Aidarous Nasr El-Nakeeb
Dr. Aidarous Nasr El-Nakeeb

As all southern national event, this year’s celebration of 14th October revolution is under manipulation to break up the southern line and to divide revolutionaries into categories and ranks where some groups are near to claim a share in the revolution of to sell their share in it. ‎
Today, I got several copy/paste posts, or as my fellow colleague Dr. Ali Al-Zameky called them “fish market posts”. About the prevention of holding the southern movement’s even in Khour Maksar in celebration of the 54th anniversary of the revolution. ‎
First, let’s agree that the concept of “southern movement” is now used to express noble and non-noble attitudes as well to the degree that some who pretend to be members of the southern movement claim that the slogan of the “blood baptized unit” is the main core of their activity and objective of their so-called movement. This doesn’t mean the absence of true leaders who actually express the will of the southern people in rejecting the product of this “blood baptized unit”. ‎
Personally, I didn’t believe any of the posts on websites well-known of its false news as I know for ‎sure that many websites are financed from enemies of the southern cause and only publish what serves the interests of its sponsors. When these sites publish a certain piece of new I ask myself about their motive to choose this particular piece of new as they only publish what serves their interest ‎or does harm to the southern cause. ‎
For several times I called for all southern powers to be unified under one political umbrella as I still believe in the ancient Arab verse saying: sticks can never be broken when being together but when separated they break one by one. ‎
When the southern transitional council was formed i8 was confident that the south is walking down‎ the right path, no matter what is still to be done as this can never be compared with this major step. ‎
But, still to be forces working wickedly to divide the southern cause. So, I hope that holding two separate events will not turn into a real conflict. Last July’s event was a true expression and distinction between those who really work for the southern cause and those work for serving their self-interests and for harming the southern cause. ‎
I still call for one event expressing the expectations of the southern people. But if those who love ‎division and separation insist on practicing their favorite hobby, let them continue and trust only the southern people’s ability to distinguish between true and false, right and wrong and wat serves the cause and what serves the enemy. ‎

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