Why Would the North Subdues to Al-Houthi Militias?!!

Waddah Ben Atia

Waddah Ben Atia

Southern writer and activist
• Religiously biased militias that believe in superstitions and deny the Correct Sunnah
• Extremist militias that explode mosques while praising God!!
• Criminal militias that bombard residencies with mortar shells even in Ramadan!!
• Blood-sucking militias that randomly implant thousands of land mines everywhere
• Militias that break throw houses and rape women
• Militias that kill anyone who opposes them considering him either loyal to ISIS, communist or agent to atheists and betraying his country
• Racist theocratic militias that don’t believe in justice or equity
• Militias that don’t believe in social peace and don’t care for good relations with Arab countries and even don’t care for mutual interests
• Militias that use “revolutionary violence” according to its sectarian vision and willingness to rule
• Militias that enact Iranian agendas literally without caring for the Arab values
All these vicious qualities and more reflect the ugly face of Al-Houthi militias. Then, how come they are still holding? And who would the people of the Arab Republic of Yemen in the North subdue to their authority? The answer is very simple. The only alternative is the corrupt legitimacy that once destroyed Yemen.

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