You Arrogant… our Patience is Over!!

Khaled Shouba

Southern Media Activist
A few hours ago, one of my dearest, kindest and best friends came by. He complained with tears before his words came bitterly: “For four consecutive days, I went to the military commission from dawn to dusk, but I couldn’t reach them till today. A quarrel happened between soldiers and officers trying to reach for the commission on one hand and camp guards on the other. Members of the commission became angry and decided to stop work till after Bairam Holydays”. My friend ended up his talk and kept silent, but you can imagine his tragedy to come forth.
May God condemn those tyrants. Imagine a man with 8 children, the eldest of them is 16 years, and two old parents. A man who has nothing but this pension. Yet, he is unjustly denied his right while we are expecting the joy of the feast, for children before adults. But how could joy come? How could simple demands of a young child who dreams of new clothes be fulfilled while a tyrant ruler with no human sense confiscates it without any consideration.
Our prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) asked God’s protection against debt and oppression and told us to ask God the same. A holy talk from God, prophet Mohamed told us that God says: “My Believers, I forbid Unjust on myself and made it forbidden among you. So, don’t do unjust”.
You arrogant and unjust rulers, our patience is over. Your unjust is clear and can’t be left in silence. Don’t test our patience any further.

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