Activists Document Violations of Al-Eslah Militias in Shabwa


[su_dropcap]M[/su_dropcap]edia activists in Shabwa documented more than 500 violations committed by Al-Eslah militias, related to the so-called Yemeni legitimacy, packed with tribal gangs and terrorist groups, after Shabwa Elites Forces that established security in Shabwa during the past period were forced to leave Shabwa.
Activists demanded all international human rights organizations, media tools and lawmakers to investigate the violations of Al-Eslah militias in Shabwa that reached war crimes.
In less than 20 days, Al-Eslah militias launched a killing and forced arrest campaign against civilians including the attack of houses and robbing public and private properties in addition to forceful retirement of military and civilian personnel. These violations are clear to everyone but the so-called legitimacy is playing deaf and blind towards them. documented violations include:

  1. The killing of “Ben Lakmah Al-Solimani” who defended himself when the militias tried to robe his personal weapon”.
  2. The killing of “Ba Muslim” and his son.
  3. A try to kill a citizen when he raised the southern flag in the street
  4. Arresting three young men of “Al-Aidan” tribe under mysterious conditions.
  5. Arresting three young men of “Ben Lakmoush” tribe under the notion that the tribe is ambushing the militias in Abian while the arrested persons have no relation to these ambushes.
  6. Arresting and insulting citizens of Shabwa who were heading to Aden in Shakra under regional motives
  7. A military set in Ataq insulted and arrested a man accompanying his family. Eye-witnesses indicated that the man and his family were chained and sent to an unknown place.
  8. A video showed special forces soldiers threatening a citizen who refused to eliminate the southern flag off his car.
  9. Insulting an employee in Al-Arm Al-Kumaishi station and robing his money bag as he refused to give them the money to treat one of their injured. The worker notified security forces who arrested them then released them later.
  10. Robbing a motor of Oil Faculty and putting it on one of their military sets in Ataq (photo documented)
  11. Illegal arrests against young men in Nessab without accusations. The arrested persons are: Hussan Mostafa Oula – Mohamed Ahmed Ba Habbar – Nasser Mohamed Al-Suairi – Awad Mohamed Laga’ash – Nasser Mohamed Abu Shams – Ahmed Mabkhout Al-Goa – Aseel Mohamed Makrat – Nasser Al-Merkaa Al-Sabban – Tarek Farag Haidara – Ahmed Haidara Al-Haddad – Tarek Ahmed Saleh Hunifa.
  12. Wide-range robberies of public services facilities
  13. Robbing the store of Al-Gabri Al-Hamami then returning the robbed things after massive efforts.
  14. Attacking Abu Gulida workshop in Ataq and robbing some cars.
  15. A try to kill some captives in Ataq after being defeated in Abian but local authorities protected the captives.
  16. Suspending Dr. Mohamed Ba Mukaishem as he took a day off when the militias sent their injured to Abian
  17. Dismissing head of political police and preventing him from entering Ataq as his son is Majed Lamrouk, commander of the seventh brigade of Shabwa Elites who refused to join them.
  18. Dismissing Ahmed Taleb Al-Marzeki, commander of special forces, for protecting and releasing some of STC soldiers trapped in the STC headquarters in Ataq.
  19. Dismissing director of healthcare department as he denounced turning Ataq hospital into a military one and suspending some doctors for regional reasons.
  20. Suspending Ba Suaid checkpoint as he searched a van carrying smuggled weapons to Al-Qaeda in Shabwa.

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