Al-Makha Fishermen Lead Normal Life and Deny any Rumors Released by Coup Media

[su_label type=”info”]SAMA News – Al-Makha[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] After eight month of liberation from the occupation of coup militias, Al-Makha leads normal life after being secured against any counterattack of militias. Such efforts stabilized life of the city as trade activities started to flourish again. Such stability led immigrants from other directorates of Taez to head for Al-Makha.
Markets, schools, hospitals and stores started to work normally because of UAE efforts to revive the city since last February. Most citizens are fishermen and fish traders. During militia occupation, those citizens suffered from being prohibited from fishing or being used as human armors. This led several of them to abandon fishing and even abandon the city.
Ali Hassan Saleh is a fisherman who indicated that Al-Houthi militias allowed them to fish only for two hours per day. In addition, militants accompanied them to the sea. This made the whole city to live in horror of being targeted by air strikes by Arab Ally air forces. Many fishermen left the city to Bab Al-Mandeb and other liberated territories until Al-Makha was liberated and they returned to their normal life under protection of the Arab Ally and resistance forces.
Hussain Nazira, another citizen, replied to rumors about prohibiting fishermen from fishing. He indicated that fishermen of Al-Makha returned to fishing after the city was liberated as Al-Houthi militias were hiding themselves among fishermen during the occupation and used bomb boats with suicide bombers to attack the Arab Ally forces at Al-Makha sea port. They even managed to approach the port several times and launched suicide attacks there. This led the Arab Aly to take protective measures against such attacks. He added that the Arab Ally prohibited fishing near the port but allowed fishermen to work freely in other places like Wahja and Jadid, near Al-Makha and all along the path to Bab Al-Mandeb. He noted that fishermen know that this is a temporary situation as the country is in the middle of a fierce war against terrorism. Now, fishermen work freely under full protection of the Arab Ally inside the allowed zones for 45 sea miles till the borders of Eretria and Somalia. Fishermen export their fish to most Yemeni governorates and neighboring countries.
What those fishermen said about the situation deny all rumors of coup media that aim to disturb the situation in the liberated governorates. They are trying to improve the negative image of their acts in the eyes of citizens who suffered greatly because of their acts. Citizens who were forced to leave their home or even pay for their terrifying lives, thanked the Arab Ally and southern Resistance forces for securing their living and protecting them from al-Houthi domination.

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