Ataq General Hospital-Bad management with Brotherhood agendas, marginalizing and investigating the local medical staff

 SMA NEWS – Ataq

It was noticed recently, especially after the appointment of the new administration, the systematic exclusion of consultants, specialists, technicians and nurses, and even ambulance drivers were not spared from this unprecedented exclusion by current hospital administration, and cadres with a long history of serving the people of Shabwa for decades, led by Dr. Arif Banafa, and Dr. Muslim Al-Omari, Dr. Wadah Habtoor, Dr. Royce Ghabish, Dr. Salem Al-Ambri, Dr. Ramy Lamlas, Dr. Saleh Al-Homsi, Dr. Abdullah Jarad, Dr. Mubarak Al-Harishi, Dr. Abdullah Al-Junaidi, Dr. Mehdi Bafjish, Dr. Mohren, Dr. Maklam, and finally 6 of the shift officers were dispensed too.

Most of those local cadres were replaced by ones from outside the governorate, and some students of the Health Institute in the intensive care and nursery departments, after everyone with cumulative experience and long services were dismissed.

The thing that hurts the most when curing costs are doubled and the level of service provided to the patient decreases, and the focus in reform is on appearance, not the core.

The failures are countless, as insulting the student against his teacher which is a new feature in the Shabwani dictionary, which is known for its tribal society, its good morals, and its customary controls.

This is what was imposed in Ataq General Hospital by its ignorant regional administration, as this created a large gap between the working medical staff and the administration, which has become strengthened by the language of threats and intimidation for anyone who violates its possessions or opposes its arbitrary decisions and even in humanitarian issues such as advocating for their colleagues imprisoned without a right reason, where the hospital administration held many of them accountable as a result of their humanitarian stances with colleagues of the profession, as happened in the last situation with Dr. Saleh Al-Homsi and the rest of the medical staff in the hospital, where the administration did not perform its duty towards the kidnappers or even follow up their case and try to get them out, even though their only crime is aiding patients and it was not satisfied with that silence, but resorted to punishing all those who sympathized with them or sympathized with their human plight.

The people of Shabwa demand from the local authority, headed by Governor Bin Adio, to avoid involving the hospital in the dirty politics that the Brotherhood’s Islah party has become its ugly headline in fueling differences and conflicts among the people of the governorate, and what happens in the hospital administration is only part of that malicious approach that is rampant throughout the local authority in Shabwa .

Ataq General Hospital is in dire need of reforms and radical solutions, returning it to its previous beautiful condition, which was distinguished by it, especially in providing its services to patients with limited incomes.

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