Ayman Dababa… A New Name in the Brain-Washed List

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Al-Qaeda revealed the personality of the suicide bomber who launched Adan terrorist attack last Tuesday against security belt post – Abd Al-Aziz district – Adan. According to Al-Qaeda, the suicide bomber is called “Abu Hagar Al-Adani” without any further details about him. Reliable sources asserted to SAMA News that the real name of the terrorist was Ayman Abdullah Al-Baghdady. His nickname was Ayman Dababa.  He was the second son of colonel Abdullah Al-Baghdady, official personnel of political security office in Al-Mualla sea port. The terrorist was residing with his family at Mudrem Street – Al-Mualla – Adan and disappeared two years ago with one of his close friends, nicknamed by “Al-Karoun”. Dababa appeared for the last time in front of the security belt post before driving the car bomb into the post, killing himself and several others in addition to injured innocents. But Al-Karoun is still hiding till now without a trace.

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