Conflict of Determination: Analysis and Reading on the Reality of a capital, an ally and a government in two years

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On March 25th 2015, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declared an Arab ally of 12 countries and launched its first air strikes over Sanaa under the title of “Determination Storm”. After that, war in Yemen started to wander north and south. During 2015-2016 the Arab Ally became untouchable icon that never considered what may change life in liberated southern areas under a fierce war and waves of refugees leaving their homes in cities and costal zones since the war started. In 2017, leaders and personnel of the Arab Ally and Legitimate government, after declaring Adan of the south as a temporary capital, considered that Sanaa, capital of Yemen as an occupied territory by coup troops since 2014.

This led the Arab Ally to try to bridge a serious gap that some did not consider of any danger. The ally hasted to Adan directly before the legitimate government to continue the liberation operations planned in 2015. Soon, some Allied states found itself forced to send troops to the zone so as to maintain an open space for free movements but some Gulf leaders considered that even more dangerous than the disaster preceded Al-Houthi and Saleh’s militias occupation of Adan. The area was overcrowded by movements, organizations and groups, the most dangerous of them were terrorist groups headed by ISIS that wandered in the area since the very beginning of the war. These groups expanded in the area and clearly declared its undeniable existence. But the Arab Allied Forces, represented in Saudi Arabia and UAE, managed to settle this situation through forming primitive security forces in cities, especially Adan, and by the end of 2016 these forces managed to fight terrorist groups and restore security to cities that once became terrorist strongholds in only one year.

Being in one country is not the right place to run another and that is the situation of the so-called legitimate government. Yemen is under command of vice president Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar while president Hady is on the margins of a field and political war under the flag of legitimacy that was never clear in essence. Many politicians asked about the meaning of legitimacy? Who really runs it? And where does it acquire this name? from March 23rd till March 25th 2015 members of the so-called legitimate government fled to Riad for their lives as they were hunted by Al-Houthi militias from Sanaa to Adan. Tens or even hundreds of ministers, officials and diplomats of the legitimate government, including their relatives and friends of course, ran to Riad and for two whole years, Adan didn’t get any kind of attention from “the Glorious Legitimate Government”!! For more than two years, Adan is free of militias and occupation but the real question is: Why does the Legitimate Government stay in Riad not in Adan?

Since the end of 19th century, Adan is the victim of historic conflicts began at the 15th century. Adan lives under continuous conflict not inherited but created by political changes over time. During this year, the same situation remains and Adan is still stuck between the Arab Ally and the Legitimate Government. The wounds of last war are still to be seen unhealed in Adan. Suffering is the daily routine of Adan’s citizens. A crisis after crisis led to full collapse. Fuel is very limited or even unavailable and in case of being available its price is determined by black market. Military and civilian employees did not get their payments for months and this led women and elderly to the streets crying for urgent help as food prices are in a miss. Furthermore, temporary electricity, as it is called by people, is creating hell in Adan. Blackouts may last for 4-7 hours followed by less than 3 hours of electric current and so on. Currency flow crisis led citizens to live in queues.

Secrets remain secrets under the heavy curtains of politicos so that enemies cannot seize the opportunity. Facts indicate a real conflict between partners of the co-alliance between the Arab Ally and the legitimate government. Alliance means a kind of partnership and common vision towards achieving specific goals. But when we question the conflict between Arab Ally and the legitimate government we should ask: is it against Sanaa or Adan? Differences are ignored and visions come closer only when the enemy is one. The actual situation is that co-alliance between the Arab Ally and the legitimate government destroyed Adan while Sanaa, the real battlefield, is fully safe!! They are against Adan as long as services, fuel and electricity are in such poor conditions.

Adan is overcrowded with military and security forces of all kinds and barracks and post are everywhere. Suddenly you can hear heavy gunshots although the city is free of terrorist groups and militias. And also, suddenly social media leaks with news about armed clashes between one brigade and another troop related to this or that. In only two months, six armed clashes, with Apache helicopters involvement, occurred between legitimate government forces and some Arab Ally forces. The last of these clashes was between the Security Belt Forces, supported by UAE, and Presidential Guards who refused to surrender their post although there is a presidential decree stating the surrender of all posts in the eastern sector to the security belt forces. For long hours gunshot were heard and several houses around 22nd May Stadium at Al-Sheikh Othman were hit.

Several observers indicated that such clashes will remain in Adan as long as a central state, that can organize such forces and systems under the umbrellas of ministries of defense and internal affairs, is still absent. Others described military and security forces in Adan as “Private Property” not national systems. This reminds us of Libya that became a state of militias with fears of turning Adan into a battlefield among external forces.

Is the conflict in Adan is between Legitimacy and Arab Ally? Is there a crisis of confidence between some states and Yemen legitimate government? And the main question is: why is determination and liberation of northern territories under control of Al-Houthi militias is so delayed? Why wasn’t “Teeh Al-Bakar” liberated after expending more than 413 million Rial in two years, not mentioning thousands of militants of the so-called the national army under command of vice president Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar? Fronts of Naham Taez and Serwah were created to exhaust the Arab Ally without any decisive results.

Hundreds of billions were expended in Yemen during two years to pay salaries and other charges. But the legitimate government is still not providing Adan with even a minimum share!! Such behavior alerted some states of the Arab Ally to the fact that this black silly comedy should stop. A crisis of confidence rises between the legitimate government and he Arab Ally while Adan remains the battlefield of this conflict.

Several politicians indicated that the delay of Sanaa’s invasion by the Arab Ally increases Adan’s suffering. Others indicated that Sanaa’s calmness means that there is a hidden link between Al-Houthi and Saleh’s men in Sanaa and other partners in the legitimate government. It is not astonishing that billions of dollars payed by the Arab Ally were sent only for Sanaa while Adan suffocates under non-human conditions

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