Dismissing Southern Personnel in favor of Northern Ones at Wald Al-Sheikh’s Office: Racial Discrimination in Employing Yemeni Personnel in UN Offices

[su_label type=”info”]SAMA News – AL-AIAM – Reports [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] A western UN personnel working in the office of Ismail Wald Al-Sheikh, the UN delegate to Yemen, said to AL-AIAM that employees of the office work on dismissing southern personnel off any jobs, activities of consulting works related to the office. On the other hand, the whole crew of the office is from northern governorates and loyal persons to Saleh and Al-Houthi. The UN personnel said to Al-Aiam that the office initiates activities in absence of southern representatives and depends on northern Yemeni personnel for selecting attendees of workshops and seminars held by international centers and institutes. AL-AIAM got lists with the names of Yemeni employees but will not publish it for now as all of them are northern citizens.
UN delegate’s office officially transferred to Jordan on condition that the office won’t involve in political activities with Yemeni citizens in Jordan. But members of the office organize personal interviews only for northern citizens and get most of their information about the situations in Yemen from them as employees of the office have very limited information and experience about Yemen. It is noteworthy that the office hired 70 non-contracting employees recently. This number sounds strange to Arab and Foreign sources while the office is suffering serious limitations in its work as this number increases budgets significantly, especially when compared to numbers of employees in the UN delegates’ offices in Syria and Libya.
In addition, the system of work in the office is witnessing severe disturbance recently as most employees, Yemeni or others, sympathize with the coup in Sanaa and facilitate its representatives’ missions, as some Gulf newspapers noticed. This is confirmed by the activities of UN in Yemen as UN offices prohibit racial discrimination in employment while most of its crews come from northern governorates in addition to limiting subsidiary works to northern companies to the degree that human aids to Yemen are only allowed to inter through Al-Hodeida Port as it created a false image about the port as the only one with sufficient infrastructure required for receiving aids. Such false reports led to a sarcastic situation

when UN provided coup force with 14 million USD for the program of Demining while these forces are the ones who planted mines in Yemen!!

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