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Fierce Fights North of Al-Dhala’a and Southern Resistance Causes Al-Houthis Severe Loses

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Reports[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_dropcap]L[/su_dropcap]ast week was the most painful for Al-Houthis with major events and decisive victories of the Southern Resistance over Al-Houthi militias in Kataba, north and north west of Al-Dhala’a. southern resistance liberated strategic posts and expelled Al-Houthis out of several central barracks usually used by the militias as fire stations and command and control rooms.
Advance Towards Al-Fakher:
Al-Zubairiat is a vast area with rough geography and barely no inhabitants between Shakhab and Sulaim Al-Fakher. It was considered a major stronghold for Al-Houthis and a major military brigade including command and control, ammunition deposits and massive number of militants.
On Friday June 22nd, at dawn, southern resistance launched a massive attack over Al-Zubairiat starting from Al-Gadan to penetrate into Hubail Gerbat Al-Galgal, from west of Shakhab to Al-Zubairiat at the north. Another attack was launched from Hubail Midan from Sjakhab to the south towards Al-Raibi Hajar. This attack penetrated into Sailat Al-Shebrin, Al-Khai and Lakmat Al-Tha’al and cleared them off.
The battels lasted till 10:30 a.m. as the southern resistance controlled vast areas inside Al-Zubairiat and expelled Al-Houthis out of most posts after destroying their vehicles and weapons in addition to causing them severe loses with tens of killings and injuries. The rest of the militants escaped towards Sulaim Al-Fakher.
This came after the battel of liberating Bab Ghalak and controlling Al-Karameed and Al-Arousatain, the most strategic two hills overseeing Al-Zubairiat, Hajar and Sulaim, east of Al-Fakher. This led the southern resistance to impose fire control over Al-Zubairiat and target the militias easily.
Guided Missiles:
Guided missiles unit of the southern resistance achieved major victories this week with a large number of Al-Houthi vehicles destroyed in addition to tens of killing and injuries.
Guided missiles unit of the Giants Brigades targeted two military vehicles of Al-Houthis last Monday in Al-Zubairiat, one of them carrying weapons and ammunition. The two vehicles were destroyed and all militants on them killed and injured. Ammunition explosions were seen long after the targeting. Last Tuesday, the same unit targeted a post of Al-Houthis in Al-Tenami, west of Azlat Baga Hajar, north west of Al-Dhala’a with a guided missile, scoring a direct hit that destroyed a 14.5 mm machine gun and eight militants were killed.
On Friday, the unit targeted a vehicle carrying a 23 mm machine gun at the center of Al-Zubairiat and destroyed it while all militants on it were killed.
Guided missiles unit of the southern resistance is now initiating accurate hits destroying several targets of Al-Houthis.
Coalition Air Raids:
Arab Coalition air forces launched several raids last week, targeting stations and post of Al-Houthis in several areas north of Al-Dhala’a.
According to field sources of the southern resistance troops in Hubail Al-Farkh, north west pf Hajar, a BMB near a snipers’ station in a chicken farm south west of Baga was targeted and destroyed last Wednesday. Fourteen militants, including snipers in a training course, were killed in an air raid on a post south east of Al-Gub camp last Friday.
Successive Defeats:
Al-Houthi militias are trying desperately to achieve anything on the ground. Their hopes are now concentrated only on regaining control over their lost posts. but all they got are more defeats and more retreats while battel control is completely at the hands of southern resistance.
Al-Houthis tried to sneak into several areas so as to improve their militants’ morale. Last Tuesday, the militias tried to penetrate towards the southern resistance posts in Hajar fronts. They tried to penetrate into Al-Raibi, Lakmat Al-Douki and Hubail Al-Zuba to the east, al-Sharifa and Al-Hazaa / Wadi Matar to the south, and Hubail Al-Farkh and Al-Masharaeeh north west of Hajar. Citizens in these small villages stood against the militias defending with their light weapons and humble capabilities that defeated Al-Houthi militias who used a massive arsenal.
Severe clashed occurred in Al-Ghesha and Al-Kafla at Al-Hazaa and Wadi Matar in addition to Tabbat Tarran, Hameed Gas Station of Khaled Musaad, Hubail Al-Farkh, Al-Mashareeh, Al-Meriah, Al-Khoura, Khamaa, Karad and other posts.
On Thursday, the militias tried to penetrate towards Bab Ghalak, north east of Al-Fakher and tried to regain control over the two strategic hills of Al-Kasba and Al-Douir but the attack was defeated.
On Saturday, Al-Houthis received reinforcements from Eb and tried to regain control over the post they previously lost in Al-Zubairiat but the southern resistance exhausted the attack causing the militias tens of killings and injuries in addition to destroying several vehicles and taking light and medium weapons as booty.
Medical sources inside Eb indicated that Al-Houthis lost tens of killings and injuries coming on daily basis from Kataba. City hospitals are now overcrowded and the militias began to send their injured members to Zemar and Sanaa in the north. Dead bodies are buried in mass graves inside the militias control zones near the front while dead bodies of their commanders were sent to their hometowns.
Humanitarian Violations:
Al-Houthis continued their violations against civilians at the north of Al-Dhala’a, especially at the western countryside of Kataba, and middle and west of Hajar. Al-Houthis bombarded civilian houses randomly in addition to snipers’ activities against residents.
On June 16th, 2019, Al-Houthis bombarded Shakhab with mortar shells. One shell hit the house of Abd Al-Malek Nagy Muthanna and killed and injured two women in addition to damaging the house severely. Local residents indicated that the militias are bombarding Shakhab and nearby areas daily with medium and heavy weapons.
In Hajar, the militias launched a massive bombard with mortar shells last Tuesday towards civilians’ houses in Al-Mashareeh, Lakmat Al-Douki, Hubail Al-Zuba and Al-Shaghader leading to three injuries: Shaia’a Saleh Nasser Al-Naqueeb (elderly woman), Lahsoun Abdullah Saleh Al-Naqueeb and Aiham Abdullah Musaad Ramima (child). The houses of Ahmed Ali Mane’a in Bear Quais and Antar Mohamed Kassem Al-Ga’afari in Hubail Al-Zuba were partially damaged.
Violations against civilians including random bombard and sniping in Kataba, Hajar and Al-Azarik led to several killings and injuries including women and children in addition to damaging several houses.
Infrastructure Destroyed:
Iran-packed Al-Houthi militias have no other agendas than killing and destruction. After destroying civilians’ houses, the militias are now arrogantly destroying the infrastructure including exploding five bridges connecting Kataba to its northern and western parameter. Bridges destroyed included Al-Furaia in Al-Zubairiat, Kardah and three other bridges in Shakhab. This of course hindered traffic from and to the city.
Land mines:
Direct killing towards civilians was not sufficient for the militias leading them to implant land mines inside and near the areas under their control. Special sources indicated that massive amounts of anti-persons and anti-armories land mines were implanted by the militias in Baga in the middle of Hajar and Subaira, Al-Gub and Ouaish south west of Kataba. Sources also indicated that the militias prevented citizens from travelling across the area, even for cattle feeding and considered the whole area as a military zone.
Humanitarian Situation:
Citizens of the areas near and inside military activities zones in Lakmat Al-Douki, Al-Sharifa, Baga, Al-Mashareeh, Ouaish, Sulaim and Al-Zamari are living under very poor humanitarian conditions due to the war and Al-Houthis violations.
Most citizens of these areas were forcefully evacuated and the militias are targeting these villages with explosives and artillery on a daily basis, leading civilians to abandon their homes for fear of death sent with every bomb or rocket launched towards their areas by Al-Houthis.
Evacuation increases and the humanitarian situation of evacuees is tragic with alarms against a humanitarian crisis. Humanitarian aids to these areas are very limited and inconsistent with the large number of evacuees.
Poor Health Conditions:
Al-Nasr Public Hospital is the only active hospital in Al-Dhala’a, serving tens of cases every day. It is now unprecedently overcrowded with regular cases in addition to injuries coming from war fronts north of Al-Dhala’a.
Dr. Mahmoud Ali Hassan, director of the hospital, called for all supporting organizations to interfere and urgently provide the hospital with medications and requirements as the hospital is lacking medications and solutions in addition to emergency tools due to the increased number of cases.
Dr. Mahmoud indicated that the hospital turned doctors’ residential areas into admission places for patients in response to this increased number of cases. He urgently called for medical supplies so that the hospital can work properly.

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