Giants Brigades… The Rocks That Broke the Militias on the West Coast

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – West Coast – Aseel Al-Sakaldy – Reports [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Giants Brigades, under commandership of Abu Zaraa Al-Mahramy, represent the rock upon which all dreams of Al-Houthi militias broke down in the west coast. Their ambitions, fed by Iranians, to enslave free people and convert their religious beliefs in addition to falsifying the free will of citizens all went in vain.
With one victory after another, Giants Brigades are writing a new history on the west coast front. The secret behind these successes is of course support from God in addition to full support of UAE armed forces and the Arab Coalition. With this support, the Giants wrote their heroic deeds starting with Bab Al-Mandeb, Al-Makha, Moazea, Khaled’s Camp and Al-Hamely in Taiz and reaching Al-Khoukha, Heis, Al-Garrahy, Al-Tuhita in Al-Hodeida.
Commander Abd Al-Rahman Abu Zaraa Al-Mahramy established these forces from battalions of the southern resistance with previous experience in fighting Al-Houthis. With clear strategic thinking and serious military training, Al-Mahramy and his heroes started the operation “The Golden Spear” from Bab Al-Mandeb and controlled Al-Makha and its strategic sea port that was used by Al-Houthis for smuggling Iranian weapons and military reinforcements.
After controlling Al-Makha, the Giants controlled Gebel Al-Nar, Moazea and Al-Hamely. Al-Mahramy chose four brigades calling them “Giants Brigades” under commandership of Raed Al-Habhy Al-Yafeiy, Hamdy Shokry Al-Sobaihy, Abd Al-Rahman Al-Lajy and Nizar Al-Wageeh. Then came the fifth brigade under commandership of Abu Haroun Al-Yafeiy.
The five brigades fought fiercely on the west coast front proving that they are real giants over the mountains, on plain ground and in the sea. They broke down the arrogance of Al-Houthis and retrieved vast areas from them liberating the west coast from these vicious militias.
Victories of the Giants Brigades came as a direct result of cooperation and support of the Arab Coalition and UAE Armed Forces who fought side by side with the giants against Al-Houthis. Details of their victories will be written with gold in the book of glorious history of those heroes.
It is very clear that Al-Houthis seek to control the west coast because of its strategic importance. This makes Abd Al-Malek Al-Houthi prefer to lose 100 thousand of his militants rather than to retreat one meter. Therefore, he always mobilizes his militants and equipment extensively on that front. But, thanks to the giants, those militants with their Iranian weapons evaporate when facing the giants, supported by the Arab Coalition and UAE Armed Forces.

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