In a special symposium…The President of the Southern Transitional Council speaks to Chatham House

The President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) Major General Aidrous Al-Zubaidi said on Thursday that Southerners will work for the independence of South under the United Nations’ supervision.

This came in a symposium of the London-based Chatham House Institute, in which it hosted the Southern official, who is also a member of Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council (PLC).

Al-Zubaidi stressed that the STC “will not take unilateral measures for the independence of South,” warning against the term “secession,” which he said does not reflect the real situation.

During the symposium, Al-Zubaidi said that the current Yemeni government “has become unable to carry out its tasks in providing minimum services, and changing it has become inevitable.”

Al-Zubaidi described the recent measure taken by the governor of the capital city Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, to suspend the supply of revenues to the Central Bank as “necessary to save Aden”.

Al-Zubaidi pointed out that this measure, which Lamlas later retracted after government pledges regarding the electricity and services file, prompted a solution to problems within the PLC.

Al-Zubaidi stressed on the cohesion of the PLC, and described the relationship between the PLC members as “wonderful.” He said that they all agree to fight the Houthi militia, despite their different programmes.

However, Al-Zubaidi stated that they will reconsider the form of partnership with the PLC and the authorities, in response to a question asked by “South24 Center” during the symposium.

Al-Zubaidi touched on the issue of countering terrorism. He said that the Southern forces are confronting AQAP, ISIS, and the Houthi militia together, according to a “national army doctrine.”

Al-Zubaidi also praised the role of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in rehabilitating the Southern security forces and supporting counter-terrorism operations.

Al-Zubaidi commented on the recently formed “Hadramout National Council” in Riyadh, with support and funding from Saudi Arabia.

He said that information about this political component “is still not fully available.” He indicated that the STC will dialogue with all components and Southern parties – south24

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