The neglecting of legitimacy threatens with environmental catastrophe in the South


The Yemeni legitimate authority and its Brotherhood elements persisted in its deliberate neglect against the South within its service wars against innocent citizens, using all methods that lead to environmental and societal disasters in the governorates of the South in an attempt to plunge the South into a cycle of chaos that enables it to practice its crimes and control the capabilities and wealth of the South.

The capital, Aden, was almost exposed to a real environmental disaster, after a marine tanker for the corrupt Brotherhood businessman, called Ahmed Al-Essy, who is close to the Yemeni president, leaked about four thousand tons of oil off the coast of the capital, Aden, where the tanker ran aground (overseas) before it was sided to another oil tanker next to it, amid fears that it would sink in the port canal, impeding the movement of ships, and the waves carrying large patches of oil that reached the shores of Buriqa district.

The governorates of the South were exposed to other environmental disasters due to the neglect of legitimacy, after a number of areas were subjected to heavy torrents that Brotherhood’s authority was unable to deal with, and the torrential rains that hit the Al-Hajrin area in Wadi Doan in Hadhramout governorate caused severe damage to the main roads and citizens’ properties, and some cars and motorcycles that were damaged due to the torrential waters in the area.

The torrents that surrounded many houses in Shabwa governorate destroyed dozens of cars and drowned women and children in the governorate, without serious movement from the Brotherhood authority. A car with six passengers on board was swept away by the torrents, as four managed to get out of it, while the father and son drowned.

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