Linking Between Modia Attack on the Security Belt Post and the Qatari Campaign Against these Forces, Al-Arab Al-Dawlia: Al-Qaeda modifies its movements in Yemen According to Qatari Agenda

[su_label type=”info”]SAMA News – Report[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] Al-Arab Al-Dawlia Newspaper, released from London, indicated that Al-Qaeda modified its movements in Yemen according to Qatari agenda as the newspaper related Al-Qaeda attacks against the security belt forces and Qatari media campaign against the same troops.
The reports said: Al-Qaeda cells returned to move in southern governorates of Yemen through explosions and assassinations under tense conditions as some local sources related these movement of Muslim Brotherhood repositioning in these governorates. Sources also relate these movements to Qatari pursuit to push conditions in south Yemen towards chaos and to hinder the efforts Arab Ally supporting legitimacy, especially after Doha was dismissed from it due to its suspicious behaviors and potential conspiracy with Al-Houthi militias.
Al-Qaeda targeted two posts of the Security Belt Forces in Abian in the middle of Qatari media campaign against these forces that became the main security tool in stabilizing southern territories. These forces were organized and trained well by UAE military forces participating in the Arab Ally. Qatari media campaign accused security belt forces of running secret prisons and kidnapping and torturing people. These accusations were denied by citizens of territories where the security belt forces work actively. Furthermore, citizens welcomed the existence of these forces due to its positive effects on establishing security.
Security belt forces partyicipated actively in confronting Al-Qaeda and restoring several strategic posts after being seized by the terrorist organization especially in Al-Makla of Hadhramaut and other cities in Shabwa, Abian and Al-Baida. In addition, the forces stopped the wave of explosions and assassination in Adan after being liberated from Al-Houthi militias.
Qatar faces accusations of supporting extremist organizations like Al-Qaeda in several countries including Syria and using such organizations to launch its agenda against its foes. Al-Qaeda initiated several attacks of security belt forces posts through car bombs in several places the last of them was Modia – Abian. This attack was Al-Qaeda’s response to the arrival of military forces to force terrorists out of Abian. In addition, another wave of assassinating imams who were known by their disagreement with reform party and Muslim Brotherhood who are clearly supported by Qatar. These terrorist acts came in the middle of the fierce media campaign against the same troops that face such acts.

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