Politicians and military leaders mourn martyrdom of the heroic leader martyr AbdulLatif Al-Sayed

Politicians and military personnel mourned the martyrdom of the hero commander Abdullatif Al-Sayed, commander of the security belt forces in Abyan governorate, after he and a number of his companions were targeted in a treacherous, cowardly terrorist operation in Mudiya district.

The Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani, expressed his sincere condolences and great sympathy for the martyrdom of Al-Sayed.

He said that the martyrdom of Commander Abdullatif Al-Sayed and his companions while they were performing their national duties in the front lines to confront the terrorist organizations in Mudiya, embodies an image of redemption and sacrifice, which only a few heroes can reach.

Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, Chairman of the National Assembly, sent a telegram of condolence and sympathy on the martyrdom of Brigadier General Abdullatif Al-Sayed, Commander of the Security Belt in Abyan Governorate.

Major General Bin Brik referred to the heavy loss, with the martyrdom of the distinguished commander Abdullatif, who is not repeated after he delved into the face of the death groups, the terrorist militias with the valor of the brave, until he rose as a martyr.

Major General Ali Ahmed Al-Bishi (Abu Taher), Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Land Forces, also mourned the martyrdom of the heroic commander and his companions.

Abu Taher emphasized that the martyrdom of the heroic leader Abdullatif Al-Sayed came as a result of the treacherous operation of the dark forces of terrorism while he and his comrades were performing their great national duty to eliminate terrorism and purify our south, reaching their hideouts in Mudiya, which will be achieved.

In turn, Major General Shalal Ali Shayea Hadi, Head of the Counter-Terrorism Service, Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Resistance Brigades, expressed his condolences on the martyrdom of the heroic commander, Brigadier General AbdulLatif Al-Sayed, Commander of the Security Belt in Abyan governorate, and his companions.

Shalal said that we mourned the martyrs who died in the cowardly and treacherous terrorist bombing while performing the national duty in the battle against terrorism and pursuing the remnants of terrorist elements in the Mudiya district.

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