Southern Journalists and Media Members Hold Their First Conference in Aden and Form Their Syndicate

The First Conference of Southern Journalists and Media Members was held in the capital city Aden with the presence of a group of Arab and foreign journalists.

The conference, which was attended by nearly 800 media representatives from various governorates of South, representing majority of media outlets.

The conference included an opening session in the presence of guests of honor, in which the national anthem of South Yemen was recited and a speech by STC President was broadcasted.

President Aidrous Al-Zubaidi, in a video clip, congratulated for holding the conference and described it as “a democratic victory for Southern journalists and media professionals.”

“The Southern media has made huge sacrifices in the battle to defend the homeland, its identity, and its freedom. You are facing a pivotal moment to arrange the southern press house,” Al-Zubaidi added. 

The STC Spokesperson and Head of NSMA, Mr. Ali Al-Kathiri considered the conference as “a new start for the press and media movement that was leading one in the Arab region.”

The conference’s organizing committee announced a plan to establish an independent press union for Southern journalists, as a main goal of the unprecedented conference.

The Southern Journalists Syndicate was formed in the capital Aden on the closing day of the First Conference of Southern Journalists and Media Members.

In the presence of Arab and foreign journalists, Southern journalists elected the administrative commission of the Syndicate, headed by prominent journalist Aidrous Bahashwan.

The commission included about 150 Southern journalists representing the geographical scope of the state of South before the Unity with North Yemen in 1990.

The syndicate was declared during the First Conference of Southern Journalists and Media Members. The STC-sponsored conference was attended by more than 800 media representatives from the Southern governorates.

Over the course of two days, the attendees voted for candidates to lead the fledgling syndicate, which is independent of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate.

The conference approved a number of outcomes, including a charter of honor to organize journalistic and media work in South.

It was also agreed on the internal system of the syndicate, which is preparing to receive membership applications from thousands of Southern journalists.

High rank officials in the government congratulated the formation of the southern journalist syndicate top of them the Prime minister and a number of ministers in the government.

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