Southern Transitional Council and Government Members Criticize EU Statement

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) and members of the Yemeni Government criticized the statements issued by the Council of the European Union (EU) on December 12.
The official spokesperson Ali Al-Kathiri said yesterday that “the reference to the STC in the EU statement regarding the unity of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) was in a negative, incorrect and disappointing context.”
“The STC expresses its rejection of any statements that would harm the cohesion of the Presidential Council and prejudice the partnership that resulted from the GCC consultations,” he added
He also stated that “the STC stresses the need to respect national and political issues, foremost the cause of the people of South and their right to independence.”
The EU statement, which was released on Monday, called on the STC and all parties to “acknowledge the fundamental importance of the unity of the PLC.”
The statement added, “The EU reaffirms its commitment, in principle, to the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen.”
The statement mentioned many other issues and files related to Yemen, such as the truce that ended on October 2, and the Houthis attacks on oil ports in the South.
In a separate statement, the STC’s ministerial bloc in the government expressed their regret over the negative insinuations in the EU’s statement.
The ministerial bloc statement said: “We express our regret over the negative insinuations that came in the statement on rumored discrepancies within the PLC and the signals of a negative role for the STC.”
“We affirm that we have been keen, since day one, on harmony within the government and work in the spirit of one team,” the statement added. 
The ministerial bloc referred to “parties that benefited from their relationship and the trust given to them to provide false information that does not serve the partnership.”
Senior STC official said: “Those who incited the international community during the Dialogue Conference in Sana’a against the “People of South” component are the same ones who incite today in the name of the Yemeni government against the STC.”
The British-based senior STC official Lutfi Shatara added: “The change of government should not be delayed in order to accommodate the aftermath of Riyadh’s consultations. Whoever brought us to war will not lead us to peace.” – south24

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