Southern Voices: The Arab Ally Should Understand the Power and Determination of the Southern Resistance in Fighting and Resisting in Battel Fields

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Reports – Hamdy Al-Amoudy [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Several southern activists, media men, journalists and prominent leaders expressed their opinions about clashes of Adan that resulted from the corrupt government persistence in its vicious acts against southern people. They indicated that just like they expelled coup militias from the south they will also expel anyone who might think of humiliating the southern people.
They sent a clear message to the Arab Ally about recent situations in Adan indicating that victories of the southern army outside the southern geographic borders clearly show that the southern army is powerful enough to fight any invaders and defeat them. they confirmed that the southern army will secure the region, especially the gulf countries, from any Persian invasion as courage and gallantry are southern qualities and they prefer to martyr or achieve victory against coup forces in the north.
What happened in Adan is a simple message to anyone who tries to do harm to the south. Just as we previously expelled Al-Houthi / Affash invasion in 2015, we will do it again with those corrupt persons who manipulated the martyrs blood.
One citizen who came to Adan in response to escalation calls against corruption said: men like Ben Doghr should never be trusted as he robbed our fortunes and left us to famine. Men like him should not be trusted to lead an animal farm because he will robe it for his own interest.
Other citizens talked about the current events in Adan saying that reasons behind them are clear to anyone as Ben Doghr’s government exploded the situation and before that they betrayed the Arab Ally by giving Al-Houthi militias intel information about places of the Ally’s forces. All these facts should be revealed so that a man like Ben Doghr, who insists on staying in office and not to listen to the voices of the people demanding his resignation, should be exposed.
Others said that Ben Doghr’s achievements are clear in the south as he he did unprecedent acts like deterioration of services, collapse of the national currency, disappearance of fuel, mad increases of prices and spreading corruption everywhere.
Talking about their mobilization to Khour Maxar from all over the south, citizens indicated that the reasons for this mobilization is to overthrow the corrupt government of Ahmed Obaid Ben Doghr. They said that the government tried to deny them access to Adan by blocking roads, but citizens insisted and managed to mobilize to Adan. Citizens added that they will not leave their places until this corrupt government leaves Adan.

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