The Southern Armed Forces defeat the Brotherhood’s military rebellion in Shabwa

On Wednesday afternoon, the Southern Armed Forces took control of the Brigade 21 camp, of the Special Forces, which is controlled by the Brotherhood militia in Ataq District of Shabwa Governorate.
The units of the southern forces from the Shabwa Defense and the Giants Brigades continued to confront the Brotherhood’s military rebellion in the district, after the terrorist organization rejected the decisions of the Presidential Leadership Council.
The terrorist Brotherhood militia fled from the main cities in Shabwa governorate, immediately after the southern armed forces took control of Ataq, where the Southern Giants Brigades and Shabwa Defense Forces broke the Brotherhood’s military rebellion.
It is noteworthy that Shabwa Governor Awad Al-Awlaki had announced on Wednesday the launch of a military operation to counter the rebellion, after two statements calling for an end to the bloodshed and an end to the Brotherhood rebellion to restore security and stability in the governorate.
Governor of Shabwa said in a statement that there is no place for any group, person or entity outside the rule of law, vowing to hold those involved in the rebellion and the failed coup accountable.
Al-Awlaki stressed that whoever sold his land and cooperated with Al-Houthi and directed his strength and weapons to fight his fellow tribes and people does not deserve to have a foothold in Shabwa.
On the same track, Al-Awlaki inspected the security and military situation in the city, to check on the level of securing public and private property in Ataq, the center of Shabwa governorate. He also issued a decision to publish security and military points; And the necessary patrols to maintain security, safety and public tranquility in the governorate.
Shabwa Governor Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki announced, on Wednesday, a general amnesty for the rebels who participated in the events of the military coup during the past days in the city of Ataq.

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