The tools of Iran, Turkey and Qatar … The goal of targeting southern forces is to strike the Transitional Council



The accomplishments achieved by the security belt forces, the elites, and the southern forces in general in the file of combating terrorism, and with the support and supervision of the UAE forces, were a fatal blow to the back of the alliance of evil (Iran, Turkey and Qatar) and its tools inside Yemen (Houthi, the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism), which pushed this alliance and its tools to fight these forces with the aim of hitting the Transitional Council, and these forces are its security and military arm.
Houthi attacks are extension of the terrorist bombings and the aggression of the Brotherhood’s militias
Targeting southern forces with missiles by Iranian-related Houthi militias, that focuses more on the security belt forces, is an extension of a series of terrorist bombings that are also focused on targeting the security belt, as well as the media and military war waged by the Yemeni Brotherhood militias allied to terrorism, the latest of which is the invasion on Shabwa and the attempt to invade Aden and the south.
The military expert, Brigadier General Thabet Hussein Saleh considered that the missile attack that occurred on Sunday morning in Dhalea, which targeted the stage of Al-Samoud Stadium, came within a repeated and determined scenario to get rid of the prominent military, security, and political leaders who usually attend such activities and to get rid of them in one go, as well as it happened in Al-Anad and Al-Galaa during the past year.
What confirms that these attacks are the extension of terrorist bombings and the Brotherhood’s aggression, and to focus on targeting the security belt forces, and the convergence of their interests in targeting southern forces in general, as they are blocking the agendas, projects, and greed dictated by the alliance of evil (Iranian-Turkish country).
The goal is to hit the Transitional Council
Military observers agreed that the recent targeting in Dhalea and targeting Al-Galaa camp before, comes as an extension of the movements and actions of the Brotherhood’s militias and terrorist groups, and primarily targets the security belt forces, the elites, and the southern forces in general, especially these security and military forces have become the arm of the Southern Transitional Council.
They pointed out that the repeated targeting of the forces that considered the security and military arm of the Southern Transitional Council, are attempts of the Iranian-Turkish-Qatari coalition through its tools and media to strike the Transitional Council, with the aim of weakened, especially with its successes at the political level, and achieving international and regional legitimacy as an effective force on the ground, representing the south and its cause, that was launched since the signing of the Riyadh Agreement.

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