Transportation Busses are Back… Would Spinning and weaving Machines be Back Too?

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Again, the Local Association for Land Transportation is back to life after UAE government provided it with full bus fleet – 65 busses. The association totally collapsed in 1990 when its fleet of busses and trucks and all its maintenance workshops and garages totally destroyed. The association relaunched its travels early this week with internal travels from Al-Makla to other governorates, directorates and cities and linked them to the internal transportation network. Reviving this vital association is a successful interpretation to directives issued by Murad Al-Halemy, minister of transportation and Farag al-Bahasany, governor of Hadhramaut who supervised a future plan for relaunching the association after renewal of its fleet with generous gift of UAE Red Crescent. But, would we witness reviving all other public associations of the south that were destroyed during the so-called union, after being robbed and demobilized in a systematic operation to eliminated the public sector from existence? Before the union, these associations were administratively and economically successful while opening the gates for the private sector to get a fair market share. We hope that these associations to be revived again with all its expert labor force that was forcefully demobilized to return to public life. We hope to hear the sound of machines signing again in weaving and spinning, painting and emulation factories in Salah El-Din, Shakra, Bahran Farms, Boroug and Ba Allal. We hope that days of glory to come back again.

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