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Shatara: The Southern Transitional Council Opens a Direct Channel with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Paris – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Lotfy Shatara, member of the presidency and chairman of the media department of the southern transitional council, who is visiting Paris now, met Mr. Jeremy Bonavont, chairman of North Africa and Middle East in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Maria Pascal and Mr. Frank Jilit, former ambassador of France to Yemen. Shatara indicated that this meeting opened a wider channel for direct contact between the southern transitional council and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Shatara said that he explained to the French official personnel in details the path of the southern transitional council since the historic declaration of Adan and delegating president Aidarous Al-Zubaidy as the southern people clearly chose the council as a sole representative of the south in any political negotiations. He also presented the situation in the south and the key steps taken by the council including the establishment of its branches in all governorates, the declaration of the southern national assembly and the establishment of the center for supporting and making decisions.
Shatara asserted that the southern people fought for their cause and now they are real partners with the international society and the Arab Ally in fighting terrorism and extremism. He also asserted that the council is open to the international society who respects the rights and will of the southern people granted by international law and conventions and the current situation on the ground after liberating the south in 2015. He added that Saudi Arabia and UAE are key partners who work hard in the south for fighting terrorism and results of their efforts are undeniable as a result of real war against terrorism. He also added that that the council will continue positive efforts according to the rights and will of the southern people and with support of international and regional societies.
The official personnel of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the visit and expressed their happiness with this meeting that comes according to the French interest in meeting all political parties in the light of quick changes and developments on the ground in the middle east.
It is expected that Shatara will meet official personnel of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs in London in a few days in addition to his meeting with major British journalists and researchers who are well known of their fair opinions about the rightful southern cause.

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