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A mass rally of millions to be held in support of Hadrami Elite Forces next February 3

The Executive Body of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadramaut, on Saturday, held a meeting in the city of Mukalla, to review the situation in the governorate.

Brigadier General Saeed Ahmed Al-Mohammadi, Head of the Executive Body, denounced the conspiracies being hatched against the Hadrami elite forces and honorable security men, pointing out the resistance of the people of Hadramaut to all conspirators.

During the meeting of the executive body of the local leadership of the Transitional Council in Hadramout, Al-Mohammadi said that the citizens of Hadramaut will not compromise their elite by allowing the participation of other forces in their security duties.

At the meeting, it was decided to organize a mass rally of million in solidarity with the elite and security forces, as a message internally and externally, that the Hadrami Elite Forces are a military and security achievement achieved by the people of the governorate after many years of struggle, and their insistence on confronting conspiracies aimed at undermining their security.

The meeting, called on the people of the governorate to participate in the event, scheduled to be held next February 3, in confirmation of the consensus of the people of the governorate on the elite forces, warning of the consequences of hesitation and personal differences in the future of the governorate, allowing the enemies of Hadramaut and its elite forces to be able to implement their plans.

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