South Arabia

A protest by radio and television cadres in Aden the capital

The capital, Aden, on Wednesday, witnessed a protest by radio and television employees, in front of presidential Al-Ma’ashiq palace Gate, denouncing the suffering of media cadres as a result of marginalization and deliberate neglect since 2016 and not paying their salaries for the past three months.

They expressed their dissatisfaction with what they described as the betrayal of contractors and workers who spent their lives serving the media in the south, demanding settlements and salary increases for more than 10 years.

They explained that they have been marginalized and forcibly suspended from work since the beginning of the war, despite their acceptance of the situation, hoping for a future that protects the rights of media professionals.

The radio and television cadres raised a number of protest banners, demanding bonuses and settlements from which they were unjustly deprived, and calling for support for their demands to restore their stolen rights.

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