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A Ramadan evening event at the Southern Journalists Syndicate reviews important papers on press freedom in the south

The South 24 Center for News and Studies and the Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate organized a Ramadan evening discussion event on press freedom in the south on Saturday evening at the Syndicate’s headquarters in Al-Tawahi District of Aden the capital.

The head of the Southern Journalists Syndicate, Aidroos Bahashwan, began the evening with a speech about the importance of defending press freedom, stressing that there is no comparison between the margin of press freedom in light of journalistic unity and pluralism and the current stage in the reality of the south today, especially given the volume of cases submitted by the Press Prosecution against newspapers, especially Al-Ayyam newspaper which has received its fair share of summonses, trials, and the presentation of its editor-in-chief, journalist and national activist Hisham Bashraheel, who paid his life for defending freedom of the press.

The captain of the Syndicate pointed out that the Syndicate fulfilled its role within a year of its founding in protecting press freedom and providing legal aid to a number of colleagues in the profession who appeared before the Press, Publications and Publishing Prosecution, and it will remain on the side of defending press freedom.

Yaqoub Al-Sufyani, Director of the South 24 News and Studies Office, presented a paper on the reality of journalism in our country in general, comparing the reality of press freedom between the south, especially Aden, and the north, which is subject to the Houthis, especially Sana’a. He discussed facts and figures in Yemen in general, and a map of the distribution of violations against press freedom according to geography and parties controlling the land and an objective comparison of freedom of the press between the South and the North. “Aden Time” will later publish its text with the rest of the papers.

Assistant Secretary-General of the Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate, Nasr Baghraib, presented an extensive paper on press freedom in the south through historical stages, divided into six sections and conclusions.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ayyam Bashraheel newspaper, Hisham Bashraheel, spoke about the importance of the press in the south, and the violations and restrictions it was subjected to during the previous regime… explaining the events that faced Al-Ayyam newspaper’s journey during its coverage of the events of the south and the revolutionary movements and peaceful struggle.

At the conclusion of the event, discussion was opened for the participants, who praised the papers presented and they delivered some questions for further clarification, stressing the redoubling of efforts to organize broader activities in the field of press freedom and to enhance its values and professional ethics.

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