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A Southern Political Observer warns the Southern People About Conflicts and Calls Them to Unite

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Follow-ups[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] A southern political observer, who preferred not to be named, warned the southern people about internal conflicts and not to listen to reasonable voices as such acts only benefit their enemies. In his statement to SAMA News, the political observer said: If the southern people don’t leave conflicts and unite around one and only objective, we will see another story every day. We are sick of empty words without real acts. We should unite and fight our enemies and if personal interests separate us we will fail, just like the social party with its narrow totalitarian view did in the past. People can disagree and discuss without fighting and killing each other. We should remember our heroes who sacrificed their lives for freedom and led the resistance to victory. Our martyrs resent such conflicts.
The political observer also warned Ben Daghar about his description of the southern resistance as coup or mutiny as without the help of the southern resistance, he and the legitimacy might be homeless now. To Ben Daghar he said: he should read this to wake up from his arrogance. Being in his position and living in Maasheek is because of the southern resistance that provided him with legitimacy and now he calls them coup traitors and mutineers because they stand against his corrupt government. This corrupt person – meaning Ben Daghar – doesn’t know that former prime minister of France was disqualified in the last presidential elections because he used his influence to appoint his wife in the secretariat of the French national assembly (the parliament), while he is bragging that he appointed his sons because they are qualified as if the whole country lacks qualified persons, who are now in thousands and unemployed”.

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